Hélène Turbé, Artiste joaillère
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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am a great Lover of life and a great contemplator. Nothing inspires me, the leaves, a flower, a connection from one object to another ... I also really like old jewelry, especially the Victorian, ancient and Byzantine times. I guess it's a bit of a mix of all of that ...

How would you define a piece of jewelry signed Hélène Turbé?

A piece of jewelry Hélène Turbé is a vintage-inspired piece of jewelry with a rock spirit. A cross between the bourgeoisie and punk!

Who is Hélène Turbé's jewelry for?

To all women who want a fine, timeless, poetic but a little rocky piece of jewelry! A jewel with a personality!

A Woman Hélène Turbé?

I am a big fan of all women in general and very proud to be one too and even more proud to have done 3! But if I have to name a few, it would be Rowena Cade, a crazy woman who designed a theater in Cornwall, the Minack built in the granite cliffs, if not of course Marceline Loridan whom I would have so liked to meet, and PJ Harvey who always gives me a strong emotion at each of his concerts ..... but there would be so many others to mention.

A childhood memory ?

The island of yeu, the smell of the sea and warm sand, bike rides and the elegance of my grandmother ...

The Object that never leaves you?
I moved quite a bit and the objects that have never left me are my brother's plastic Mickey and my book of Sophie's woes, I read it so much ...

Why the bird of your logo?

For my end of year university project where I was studying in London, I was fascinated by birds. I made it my emblem for this project and since then it has become my signature.

How did you become a jewelry designer?

When I was young I was very creative, I loved to draw, the fashion world fascinated me. I was also extremely admiring the ring of my grandmother Régina * (ring that you can find in my e-shop), a fairly simple ring with an oval disc in smooth and fine gold. Many years later during my move to London, in the midst of professional retraining, this creative desire came back and it was quite naturally that I turned to jewelry.

And finally what are your "Love"?

Love family, Love my 3 daughters and my only husband,
Love all women, Love nature, Love laugh, Love classical music
Love my friends, Love yoga, Love the seasons, Love to travel, Love dark chocolate,
Love to read “Sophie's misfortunes”, Love tea, Love cookbooks,
Love the cake in the tea, Love the fashion, Love the island of eye,
Love the sea, Love the flowers, especially the peonies and anemones,
Love my Helen, Love the smell of wood fire, Love my bike,
Love dancing, Love music, Love London, and my girlfriends from London,
Love Henri Matisse, Love to draw, Love melancholy, Love to dance,
Love cry, Love a good book, Love Jane Birkin, Love the sun,
Love the rain too, Love get off the plane, Love run, Love smile,
Love to love, Love to emotions, Love to hoarse voices,
Love David Bowie, Love champagne and chocolate cake, Love create jewelry, Love my life ....