Hélène Turbé, Artiste joaillère
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Be sure to provide us with the correct ring size when you place your order. When ordering rings online, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have ordered the correct size. We will be happy to resize a ring for € 50 per ring. Your local jeweler can provide you with a precise size by measuring your finger or other ring of the correct size.

For all ring sizes greater than EU 55 (UK O1 / 2), a tariff increase will be applied. Please contact us for a quote.

Tips for measuring your ring size?

- The size of your fingers can change during the day - the best time to measure it is at the end of the day when your fingers are at their maximum. Do not measure your fingers when your hands are cold.
- A wider ring will feel tighter than a narrower ring. When purchasing a particularly large ring, we recommend that you choose a size larger than your normal ring size.
- Your ring should fit comfortably on your finger: it should be adjusted enough not to fall, but loose enough to slip on your knuckle.
- If you are buying a gift, the best way to determine the size of a ring is to borrow a ring from it (with the correct finger) and use our ring measurement guide to determine its size.